Shoghi – Oldest

I love to play futbol, play my guitars, create cities with Legos, build stuff, play video games and love learning new things.  One of my favorite times of the week is visiting our farm in Lidice (about an hour outside of the city of Panama).  I use my machete to clear pathways and create secret hideaways for me and Carmel and friends.  I love homeschooling.   Panama is a great place to live because everything grows here and there are only 2 seasons, rainy and dry.  I am perfecting my Spanish.   Look forward to your comments and input on my blogs.

Carmel – Middle

I love the play.  I love friends.  I like to play games with dada.  I am a self-taught athlete.  I love yoga in the morning and taught myself how to swim!  I like to study with my brothers.  I love reading books and doing math until my head hurts.  I writes my own stories.  I create Lego creations with Shoghi and Bayan.

Bayan – Youngest

I love to explore everything my brother and sister are doing…  I like to take things apart, empty out boxes, help with the cleaning work in the house.  I speak Spanglish (50-50 in Spanish and English).  Being young, of course, I love to run around our house without clothes on, like it or not… mama.

Cari – older than them…

I am a mom of 3 loving kids and a wife to my best friend! We live in Panama City, Panama and I am lucky enough to have the ability and desire to design the education for our kids. On this journey, I think I am the one learning the most. There is so much to be learned and perfected! I have a Montessori certification through NAMC and my MBA. Some days are absolutely fabulous and some are not. That’s life and we roll with it!

Shahin – the youngest of them all…

Life is good and getting better!  I love my life with my 3 brilliant children and my best friend and partner.  I get to have lunch almost every day with my family and help to create and design a life of learning for our children and for us.  One of my favorite moments in every day is returning home and receiving the best welcome ever… each time.  Thankful each day for the blessing I see all around me.