We do this because we can. Our lives have moved us around the world, as that happens, you realize one very important lesson. Our relationships are so important. For our children, the most important relationship is with their parents. At least that’s what we think.

When we lived in China we opened a small Montessori Casa classroom (for ages 2 ½-6 years old) with a capacity of 15 children. It was a labor of love. We started it for our son who was ready for school and ended up meeting so many wonderful families and children.

The classroom taught us a lot about child development and our own skills as educators and parents. When we were uprooted from our life in China due to extraordinary reasons, we had to rethink how we educated and lived.

In our temporary mode, we decided to homeschool. Found that it (like starting a school) wasn’t that easy in the beginning. It’s tough to find a grove of being both teacher and parent. However, as time went on, the relationship bond and the quality time we experienced with our kids has only gotten better with time.

So, here we are. There are so many wonderful resources out there which explain reasons for homeschooling and many who have homeschooled. Our philosophy is not to define ourselves with a label because lives change. We label ourselves as learners and creators.

Our goal is to aid and support our children to become positive influences as human beings into life. We want them to be self-driven learners who have a passion to discover and create.

As Maria Montessori said: “Within the child lies the fate of the future.