The Harpy Eagle

The Harpy eagle is an amazing bird.  The harpy eagle is my favorite bird to visit at the Summit botanical gardens in Panama.  When we went last time he flew across the cage.  Wow! It was awesome to see.  They are amazing because they are great hunters,they are beautiful.
They are great hunters because they hear, see, fly well and they have tools to kill.  The Harpy Eagle has feathers that make a sonar disk on its face which improves its hearing.  It can see something the size of a inch 200 m  (220 yd) away!  it can fly straight up to catch unsuspecting prey!  Its wing span is 6-7 feet! thats taller then my dada!  Its claws are bigger then a grizzly bears claws!  Its beak is very sharp!

The Harpy Eagle is beautiful because of its patterns,feathers and its eyes.  the legs are black and white.   Their feathers on top of their heads look like a fancy hairstyle with gel!  there eyes are greenish like grandmas.  I could watch one all day!
Sadly many of them are disappearing fast because people keep on cutting down trees and shooting them for sport.  They need big trees because their nest can be 5 feet by 4 feet in width and depth.  You can go to the websites that I have listed in my resources to find out how you can help them.  You can buy only products that don’t hurt the rain forests and tell more people about these majestic birds.
Thank you for reading!
San Diego Zoo
The Belize Zoo
Pelegrine Fund