Fibonacci was a mathematician that saw magic in nature!!

Do you know about Fibonacci or do you know about the Fibonacci sequence or do you know both?  Well the Fibonacci sequence is a series of numbers that goes like this….0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21 and so on.  It’s pretty cool because  you start with 0 then you add 1 and 0+1=1 and 1+1=2.  You just have to add the number that are next to each other  and the numbers that you added and the sum are Fibonacci. Now back to fibonacci! Ok fibonacci was born in 1175, Pisa, Italy. And he died in Pisa, Italy, 1250.  His full name was actually Leonardo Pisano Bigollo.

He did a very important roll in numbers he helped spread the numbers we now see!! Before him, Europe  used roman numerals (For instance: I, II, III, IV…etc.).  We have him to thank for using 1, 2, 3, 4, and so on.

I think I should tell you why I think he was a math-e-magician!

Well let me see……ah hah ok in the pictures below…. all of them are fibonacci!! and I’ll tell you why, because they either have a golden spiral or a golden rectangle! I bet you are wondering what a golden spiral or a golden rectangle is right? well it goes some thing like this, you remember the fibonacci sequence right?

A golden rectangle is formed by starting with a 1×1 square, then placing another 1×1 square next to it.  This is followed by a 2×2 square then a 3×3 and a 5×5 and then an 8×8…  get the sequence?

Golden Rectangle created by me


Shows golden spiral made from golden rectangles


Pineapples have spirals. 8 going one way and 13 going the other. See the pinecone example below.

Pinecone with spirals drawn

If you want to learn more, here is a very cool link to the Kahn Academy with Vi Hart.  She is amazing at explaining Fibonacci.  (careful though she’s super fast!)

Have fun learning more about it!

Thank you for reading!  Look for my next blog…with a little bit more of Fibonacci!