The Farm


Shoghi Enayati

We’ve owned our farm for three years now that’s as old as my little brother Bayan.  The contract was signed the day after he was born. The farm is located about forty minutes out of Panama City, Panama.  The town where it is is called Lidice. And it’s not just any farm it’s a secondary farm. A secondary farm is when it was a jungle and then it was a cleared and the jungle grows back.  Another thing is about our farm is that it is a permaculture farm. Do you know what a permaculture farm is? Permaculture is when you let plants work together like Guandu or pigeon pea, its a nitrogen fixing plant that means that it takes nitrogen from the air and put it into the earth.  Basically, any legume is a nitrogen fixing, strange name huh?

I like to do many things on the farm. One, drum roll please, the hammock!  Soft, comfy and beautiful. The pool it’s cool, refreshing and dirty. Boing, boing and the Trampoline! You are supposed to go up and down and up and down and…. Ne ver mind,  you get the idea. On the trampoline you can do somersaults, and we made this version of Marco polo except on the trampoline!


The other thing I like about it is walking through the jungle with a glinting machete in your hand! A machete is a sort of like a long sword, but the handle is usually a plastic handle.  What I like about the machete is when I get a clean cut. And the greenery is heaven on earth!! Yup, it is! Do you want to know why? Well, it’s heaven because birds twittering in the tree and also big tall trees towering above you.  Carmel (my sister) and Dayana (a friend) and I go exploring and make these secret bases where we explore into the jungle further and find birds and animals. We made this other one near one of the biggest trees on our farm. My dad is thinking of building a Treehouse on it. It has a beautiful view and the large root diameters can be at least one foot and the length, man they can size up to about one hundred feet!


All in all it’s just a beautiful farm. I told you about what type of farm it is and what I like to do with it.  I told you about the machete and our secret bases and how we explore. My opinion is if I want to live somewhere for the rest of my life, I’d want to live here.