Have you heard of the pyramid of Giza?  Do you think that pyramid is the biggest pyramid in the world?  Well it is not.  The biggest pyramid in the world is hidden under a mountain in Mexico.  The name of this pyramid is Tlachihualtepetl or man-made mountain.  The aztecs, the ones who built the temple, were fierce warriors and great builders. They built a city named Tenochtitlan which is a very big city! Tenochtitlan was one of the greatest city in Mesoamerica.  It was built on an island near the shore of lake Texcoco.  Now back to the pyramid.  The aztecs built the pyramid and then covered it with dirt so it looked like a mountain because they wanted it to look more natural.  And it looked so much like a mountain that a Spanish explorer named Hernan Cortez had no idea that it was a pyramid so he built a church right on top!  The pyramid is 66 meters tall, and the pyramids total volume is about 4.45 million cubic meters.  The Great Pyramid of Giza is taller, though, at 146 meters high.  The pyramid is also the worlds largest monument.  the pyramid was made of mud bricks.  the aztecs probably didn’t know that mud bricks would make plants grow all over the pyramid.  nobody discovered it until 1900s when archeologists started to uncover it by making tunnels 8 kilometers (5 miles)!  Now you know that the pyramid of Giza is not the biggest pyramid in the world.

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