GO Veggie                                        I have been vegan all my life. My parents have been vegan for 13 years. Being vegan is Eating a plant-based diet I believe that being vegan is better for you, for animals and the world. Being vegan is healthy and all you need is grains, seeds, nuts, and fruit. Some people say to me that I should eat meat because it had protein but why beans have protein dark green vegetables have protein animals are like us why do we eat animals? Think about animals they are so big and healthy what do they eat green Don’t ask me I want to discover that. If you eat meat may you please tell me why you eat meat down below? When my bigger brother was a baby some people wanted him to drink cow’s milk for calcium. We get calcium from dark green vegetables. Another reason I’m vegan is that is being kind to animals. 

I would not kill a chicken I think that it is really easy for people to pick up a nicely packaged box of meat as animals they even change the name cow to beef so that they don’t think of it as an animal finally it is better for the world raising cow’s takes to much water. They cut down too many trees to make room for the cows we need rainforests and forests to heal our world. The more people become vegan the more we would all be healthier.  Join me in making our world a better place.