Imagine you’re squashed into a narrow passageway.  Suddenly you hear your family and friends being slaughtered.  That’s a reason I want you to become a vegan.  I have two things on veganism that I want to talk about today.  Cruelty to animals and the environment.

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First, Why are animals killed for our food?  In reality, our teeth, specifically the molars, and our digestive systems are not meant for animal products.  They are meant for vegetables, fruit, beans, nuts, and grains.  Also, it’s quite a gruesome topic to talk about how the animals are killed.  Cows in particular, when they’re packaged and processed and things like that, they are sent through a factory where they are killed. If you’d like more detail, you can research on your own.  It’s sad as you can imagine if it were happening to you?  it’s even more shocking on how the veal industry produces veal, which is made from baby cows.  The mother’s milk is only supposed to be for the calf so they keep the mother pregnant so that she keeps on giving milk.  As for the baby cows, they keep them in boxes so they can’t move and that makes their flesh tender so that they can be eaten as veal.

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Vegan Thai food!

Second, the environment is hurt by livestock.   Land and jungles need to be cleared to raise animals.  Cattle owners cut down plenty of trees and clear large sections of trees so that they can allow their cattle to graze. Also, cow poop pollutes the air.  How does it do this? It sends up carbon dioxide and methane.  Carbon footprints are made from both, cattle and deforestation.  For cattle farming you need cattle and clear space, right?  It also creates a carbon footprint which can be a big negative impact on our planet because cows create Carbon Dioxide (CO2), plants take that CO2 and make into Oxygen (O2), but with no trees how’s the CO2 going to become O2?  And as cattle farming grows more CO2 is released into the air and soon there might be no more trees left on the planet and with no trees no O2, and with no O2 we’re dead.

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Pretty dramatic ending eh?!  We have a beautiful planet I don’t want our planet to become a CO2 dumpster.  Not a meat dumpster.  All I am asking you to do is to save our planet.  And if you want to become a vegan check out these websites:

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On animal cruelty:

Environment: Dada/environment(haha!)

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If you want to become a vegan check out these websites: