I am sorry I haven’t been writing stories but that is because I lost my computer privileges. By the way this is about being addicted to the computer, because I want to know why mama and dada took away my computer privileges.

 Did you know that kids under the age of 2 shouldn’t have any computer time, if they do then it will disturb the development of the eye and language development.  Is it possible for kids to not have any computer time?  Babies at least have a little computer time.  Well, think about it, when You’re driving, those tv’s and advertisements, theres no way you can stop them, you’re always looking at computers or TVS.  Maybe we need to blind fold babies?  Ha, ha, ha!   I think that it’s a good idea for kids under 2 to not have any computer time.  What do you think?
Also, kids between the age of 2-5 should have no more than 1 hour of computer time each day, if they have more, it could cause them to eat to much junk food or change the way they sleep.

You know the computer has good and bad things, but there is a lot of good things about the computer.  Here are some of them:  Kahn academy, time4learning and the big history project are some of the things that are educational that are on the computer.  Gmail is something that you use to text and email people, I like to use gmail to talk to you all!  Excel and Word are some things that you use on the computer, I use Excel a lot for typing things down.  And of course watching movies like Sing and Zootopia.  I felt bad when I lost my computer privileges and I could not use these wonderful things.

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It is pretty much the same with adults, there is a report by Nielson company that says adults age 18 and older spend 11 hours a day on electronics!  All that time in front of the computer or phone can cause headaches, and neck aches and other things I don’t understand.  I think that that is true.  Do you think that you spend 11 hours on electronics?
I know it’s important to use these things to work, but, please don’t forget to go outside and spend time with friends and family!

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Sincerely Shoghi
The End

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