Age of the Spacebots

One morning in the Houston household, Rocsan was working on her invention, The Spacebot.  Rocsan was a girl of 16 and her brother, Bob who was 20, was helping her since he knew a lot more about electronics.  “Pass-”,started Rocsan, “pass you the screwdriver, I know”, said Bob,”OK I get the sarcasticness, Bob“.  20 days later, “Its finished!”, yelled Rocsan, “yippee!” shouted Bob,”let’s test it!”, “I’ll get the remote”, said Rocsan ”meet me outside”. Two minutes later, “3,2,1, blastoff!” said rocsan in her official voice,  “she’s off!” shouted Bob.  in space, “Houston come in” said the spacebot who’s name was crosket,”I am going to destroy the universe, Mwahahaha!”.  Back on earth,  “what did he say?”said Rocsan, “I have no idea, but it’s probably just a radio breakup.” said Bob “come on let’s go party!”  back in space,  “They don’t know that I am going destroy the universe” cackled crosket, “let’s start with mars”.  And he zoomed of towards mars firing bombs on the planet.  Back on earth, “look there are firecra-wait those are planets exploding!!” said Rocsan who was looking through her telescope, “and look croskets doing it!!”  “Bob” she called, “disable crosket please”  “ok- wait why?”said Bob  “because he is exploding planets!!”  “oh, ok”.  “ready, aim, fire!”said Rocsan and Bob pressed the dissabler. There was extreme explosion and a blinding light and crosket exploded!  “I am going to add a controller to him next time” said Rocsan. Back in space croskets computer…….. blinks. 


To be continued…….in space!  Dan dan dan!  And Mwahaha- did I say to much?

The End