An Excellent Day

Written by Shoghi Kiva Enayati


It’s a usual day in the Enayati household and I wake up at 6:30am.  The first thing I do is wash my face and drink a full glass of water. Next we say prayers. Then I get dressed and make the bed. Next we do yoga, sun salutations or things like that.  After that we eat breakfast which is usually fruit and nuts.  Finally we brush our teeth.  That’s the end of the “getting ready” part of the day.  

Now we move to the “school” part of the day.  First thing’s first, we start our school day with a mindfulness exercise followed by 15 minutes of journal writing.  Next I work on math.  After I finish my math, I have a snack.  Then I do composition,or grammar or/and spelling.  Lunch is around 12:00pm each day.  After cleaning up and having a short break, I learn either Geography, History or Science.  I also have one lesson of Spanish each day and an hour of guitar practice.  Finally, I do reading and sometimes I do Art.  

Then we move onto the third and  last and most fun part of the day!  We get…. Free Time!  At this part of the day, we can do anything we want (well pretty much anything we want)!  Now you know what it’s like in the Enayati household.  Come back soon!