In the beginning, it was chaos.  Asteroids circled the young sun, but something strange was happening, asteroids crashed together creating the beginning of the planets of our solar system.  One of which was our home…!  But it did not look any thing like  earth today, up close the earth is almost 2000 degrees Fahrenheit.

lava is every were


At this point, almost 100 planets were circling the sun.  These planets continued to crash into each other.  One planet, named Theia, ran straight into the earth!  It it was the size of mars!  The planet was moving 20 times faster than a bullet! The blast wave from the impact raced around the planet. Trillions of debris blast out into space, over time a ring forms from that debris and out of that ring forms a big ball nearly 2000 miles long, this was the birth of our moon.  But the moon is much closer than it is today!

Fast forward to 3.9 million years ago, a hail of asteroids attacked the earth. Inside the meteors are tiny drops of water, this is the ingredient for life to form. As the meteors attacked earth, pools formed. Until the whole earth was covered in water!  On one side of the planet a bunch of dark clouds covered a part of the earth, it was a mega storm.  The moon was so close to the earth that it caused waves to grow higher.  Slowly the moon moved away from earth and the waves grew calmer.

To find out more about what happened next…wait for Part 2…